Exactly How Much Danger Is There When You White Water Raft?


If you look exhausting enough in media reports of adventurous sports and activities, you may little doubt see headlines touching on some tragic accident wherever somebody was killed whereas froth rafting. What the media says concerning its quite dramatic and stuffed with blame. Is that the media right in some ways? What dangers go together with rafting?


To get some perspective on this, my benchmark had to try to with deaths and injuries for every a hundred,000 people, that is concerning what number folks froth raft in New Zealand annually. It’s exhausting to seek out information concerning the grade of speedy during which any issues happened, thus this was neglected. Injuries occurred that vary between 106 and 179 for each a 1,000 folks collaborating within the activity. Concerning eight annually of such injuries area unit classified as serious, like a fracture or worse. 1/2 the injuries happened within the raft, like being hit by a paddle, and also the partner happened outside of it.

What’s the Comparison Between These Figures and people of alternative Nations?

It’s close to not possible to induce figures to match with, though from some U.S. analysis I unearthed, those figures mentioned on top of would appear to be concerning the norm. Actually, one study wore out the U.S. exploitation the gap traveled on a raft for a comparative base unit, same that there would be the maximum amount as a hundred times a lot of danger to drive an automotive that distance than to raft. To be sure, a second study disagreed and reported that rafting over an explicit distance automotiveried triple the danger of injury than traveling by car.

What’s the Comparison Between Rafting and alternative adventurous Activities?

It’s tough to mention precisely the ways in which rafting compares to alternative activities. Horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, and surf riding area unit the highest four offenders with relation to the number of injuries reported in New Zealand. The comparisons on such injuries for such activities per a 1,000 folks collaborating are: 2,860 (horseback riding); one,480 (mountain biking); 760 (hiking/tramping); one,110 (surfing); but, 1 would not worry concerning those figures an excessive amount of as a result of we will not tell the number of hours everyone participated in this activity, whereas in rafting the common trip is concerning 2 or 3 hours.More details.

After gazing This Closely, am able to Attest to the security of Rafting?

I must say that on balance the reading I’ve done, and with my 3 decades of expertise, rafting cannot be certified 100% safe. There area unit little odds, maybe one in 558, (mostly a minor injury) of obtaining hurt whereas rafting, in conjunction with one in a hundred,000 odds of changing into a fatality. So, definitely for many of us, it’s simply plain fun to travel rafting.

The Most gratifying Activity during which you’ll be able to participate whereas totally Clothed

The surprisingly fun expertise of rafting simply cannot be judged entirely safe, and it ne’er are. Having same that, you certainly ought to profit from the fun and exciting journey that’s froth rafting. The media gets into sensationalism and creating an enormous deal of journey accidents, together with people who occur whereas froth rafting. However, the reality is that you simply have little odds of changing into a data point.


As I started writing the piece concerning rafting dangers, I patterned I may simply realize the analysis I required. Why could I not imagine however exhausting it’d be to induce the proper information and so to create comparisons of that information with alternative research? Learn more details at: https://www.raftingamerica.com/whitewater-classifications/