4 Myths About Whitewater Rafting


For a few people, going on a whitewater rafting excursion can evoke pictures of Meryl Streep in “The River Wild,” or Burt Reynolds in “Redemption.” Concerns about a pontoon flipping over, or the dread of dropping out of the pontoon, can unnerve some future vacationers, keeping them on dry land while a great many others are running to this inexorably mainstream experience trip each year.

1. You must be a competitor to have a great time on the river.

There’s something else entirely to a river trip than the whitewater. Of course, there are Grand Canyon climbs to test the very fit and Tuolumne rapids to excite the most impassioned thrill seekers. In any case, there is likewise stupendous gulch view to see from the pontoon on the quiet, winding Green River through the Gates of Lodore and bald eagles, river otters and mountain bears to look for on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River. Also, tranquil mornings to be appreciated over some espresso (or cocoa!) while viewing the excellent dawn regardless of where you are.

2. “River sustenance” signifies wieners on sticks and beans out of a can.

Perhaps sometime in the past camp sustenance implied one of two flavors: crude or consumed. In any case, one of the best extravagances of going by pontoon is the opportunity to bring an entire kitchen of executes alongside cutting edge coolers brimming with ice and crisp create. Disregard canned products and cold grain. River trip nourishment is crisp and frequently privately sourced. On the river, it’s quite serious to wake up to hot morning meals like French toast with bacon, hotcakes with crisp blueberries or maybe even Eggs Benedict, cautiously poached and showered with warm Hollandaise sauce. At supper, you’ll feast under the stars on river trip great formulas like flame-broiled tri-tip or lasagna heated in a Dutch stove. Also, there’s unquestionably no holding back on a treat. Simply don’t censure us if your jeans don’t fit toward the finish of your excursion. Check here.

3. All river guides are thrown from a similar form.

In the event that the words “river control” invoke pictures of massive, hairy folks with an insightful breaking comical inclination, you’re not off-base. We have those folks around here. Be that as it may, don’t be amazed when you discover your guide is an English writing real, proficient artist, geologist or primary teacher. A few aides are mild-mannered, some are silly, and some are dainty. Truth be told, the main thing they appear to share for all intents and purpose at all is unfathomable energy for the outside.

4. Formal clothing has no place on the river.

Definitely, bring your speedy drying pants and your sun shirts. In any case, don’t, in an attack of discernment, leave your cheetah print pants or your tutu or your phony mustache at home. Some call it “style.” Some call it “set outwear.” Whatever you call it, you may very well find that you aren’t sufficiently arranged for no particular reason without it.


In disdain, the waiting anxiety has about agreeing to accept what a few people still call an “outrageous” sport, in all actuality, a guided whitewater rafting trip down the Lehigh River is measurably more secure than getting into your vehicle and driving there. Find out more at https://www.raftingamerica.com/where-do-you-want-to-go-rafting/

Find all you need for your whitewater adventure at Macy’s.

Find all you need  for your whitewater adventure at Macy’s.

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  1. Waterproof phone case

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  1. Swimsuit

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4 . Waterproof pants

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  1. Waterproof jacket

Keep styling in your rafting adventure and opt for The North Face Waterproof Resolve Plus Jacket from Macy’s. Hood can be adjusted and rolled inside the collar when you are not using it. The pockets are spacious to fit your phone and more. This jacket allows you to move comfortably without restrictions. Great quality jacket that is sure to last a long time. Very flattering jacket that will get you many compliments.

  1. Waterproof boots

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  1. Waterproof sunscreen

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  1. Don’t forget to bring a towel to shower. Feel the soft fabric after a much needed shower and opt for a Sunhan Supreme Select Bath Cotton Collection from Macy’s.

Prepare for your rafting adventure and carefully pack all you got at Macy’s.

Outdoor Adventure With Whitewater Rafting

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For those seeking real fun and a memorable outdoor adventure, whitewater rafting is a great activity to share with your friends and family while doing something a little more extreme than going for a walk in the park! Whether you are spending the weekends for a family or friends’ reunion or a corporate team building, rafting offers the excitement and thrill that will linger long in your memories. visit her latest blog post for more tips.

What is Whitewater Rafting?

Whitewater rafting has rapidly become a popular leisure activity in different corners of the globe. This exciting outdoor sport simply works by utilizing a specialized, rubber raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water.

Rubber rafts come in different types to match rapid levels as well as for maneuverability and safety. Oar boats, inflatable kayaks, rigs, paddle boats, catarafts, and oar-assisted paddle rafts are some of the different types that make this water sport all the more exciting.

Whitewater rafting equipment:

  • Raft
    • Paddles
    • Helmet
    • Paddler gloves
    • PFD or Personal Floatation Device
    • Throw bag
    • Rescue ropes
    • First-aid kit

Whitewater Rafting Supplies and Equipment

What to bring and wear (depending on the weather) for your rafting adventure:

  • Shirt (made of lightweight material)
    • Shorts (made of lightweight material)
    • Swimsuit or two-piece
    • Tank top
    • Light weight jacket (depending on the weather)
    • Sun block and sun screen (for sunny days)
    • Lip balm (for sunny days)
    • Sunglasses (for sunny days)
    • Hat or ball cap (for sunny days)
    • Wet suit
    • Dry suit
    • Towel
    • Paddle jacket
    • Paddling pants
    • Helmet
    • River shoes, river sandals, or old tennis shoes
    • Rash guard
    • Nylon long sleeve
    • Waterproof container or dry bags (for your valuables)
    • Waterproof camera

Rapid Classes

Furthermore, whitewater rafting has different classifications and levels of difficulty. Irrespective of your expertise, you can still have a wonderful adventure with what rafting has to offer.

Class I – This whitewater rafting trip is ideal and safe for beginners. This is for families who want to enjoy the scenery without the tumultuous water.

Class II – Still considered a beginner’s level but is recommended if you are ready to experience some action and tumultuous rapids.

Class III – Class III rapids are an intermediate category where you need to manipulate your raft through strong currents and dangerous rapids.

Class IV – This level of difficulty is ideal once you learn the basics in handling your raft. A Class IV whitewater rafting trip offers more exciting and challenging rapids.

Class V – Class V is for expert rafters who enjoy the challenge of tumultuous rapids for extreme fun and excitement.

Class VI – Class VI is strictly for experienced and skilled rafters to navigate the dangerous rapids.

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Plan Your Next Whitewater Rafting Trip!

If you want to experience extreme blast and thrill, it is time to start planning your whitewater rafting trip as soon as you can. There are many outdoor adventure and fun outdoor activities providers who are ready to provide you an experience outdoors filled with an adrenaline rush. read reviews at http://www.tahoedailytribune.com/news/sports/summer-recreation/tahoe-citys-rafting-companies-resume-operations-on-truckee-river/

However, with too many whitewater rafting service providers available out there, it is important to choose experts with years of experience and quality as well as those who offer reasonable prices for that kick-ass experience.